Our Mission

 The mission of the TRC is to provide relief and resolution from traumatic and accumulated stress.  The main services of the agency include client-centered, individual trauma-specific treatment and psycho-educational groups.  Our holistic services include Eastern practices such as breathwork and meditation, as well as acupuncture, massage and advocacy.  We also provide court evaluations and expert testimony for refugees and victims of violence.  Community Resiliency programming includes training trainers in the community on simple, but powerful stress relief techniques. 

We provide training in our agency model to other agencies, healers and mental health professionals. In supportive housing and residential settings for youth, we provide trauma-informed psychosocial rehabilitation.

 “ Our wish for you is that when you have completed our services that you are no longer a victim, survivor or consumer, but a renewed and enhanced you”.

The Trauma Resolution Center Family


Client Success Stories

Family member of Homicide victim after 55 hours of service:

"When I started here in April of 2001, after the death of my husband, I was afraid and uncertain of the future. Now, almost a year later, I feel that there is hope and a different future. The sessions helped my self-confidence and to see my strength in my ability to move forward. These sessions helped me see that I can make a new and normal life for my son and I."


Type of Crime: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault after 22.75 hours of service:

“ From the day I stepped into Trauma Resolution Center (TRC), I felt safe. Mrs. Carrington gave me her shoulder to cry on. My facilitator, Ms. Stephanie Sardinas was always professional and kind and I looked forward to each visit with her. I always left better and stronger after each session. I came in crying a lot about everything and now I’m smiling all the time. The services at TRC allowed me to no only recover and heal from the abuse I suffered for 39 years in marriage and years before when we dated. In addition, TRC services helped me to dislodge the hurt of past traumas in my life from the age of five years old out of my amygdala and store them painlessly into my hippocampus...

TRC helped me to successfully move and store the things that happened to me so that they would no longer affect me traumatically. What I mean by this is that the mediation; ( my many trips to beautiful beaches), new breathing techniques, and scented oils helped me to remove the pain associated with the traumas. Ms. Stephanie gave me tools to assist me during the services ( my book to keep me in “the now”, not the past or the future), and going forward after completing TRC, my certificate, for which I’m searching for the perfect frame to hang-up as a reminder… Client completed services on 9/20/2018