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Our Mission:


The mission of the Trauma Resolution Center (TRC) is to provide relief from traumatic and accumulated stress.  As a client-centered agency, all services are designed to empower survivors of violence, abuse and other traumatic experiences to rebuild their lives, and replace fear and anxiety with confidence and hope for the future.

For over 23 years the dedicated staff at TRC has provided trauma-informed counseling, education and victim advocacy services to over 14,500 men, women, and children. 


It is possible to feel better...

...and regain hope and trust after an overwhelming or distressing event. Horrifying, frightening and distressing events can leave anyone feeling depressed, anxious or seriously stressed.

Sometimes these symptoms go away, but for many people, they do not. In fact, the symptoms can become more severe, causing a person to lose a job, lose relationships, and become a victim to his or her own mind.

The Trauma Resolution Center helps people of all nationalities and ages suffering from diverse trauma recover fully from their experiences and lead lives without traumatic stress, depression and anxiety. We have helped at-risk kids recover from their trauma and find their inner strengths. We have helped people in Drug Dependency resolve long-term patterns and lead healthy lives. We have helped veterans, human trafficking victims, torture victims and everyone in between find peace in their lives.

Our holistic services have proven to be very effective in helping people integrate traumatic memory and assist the body in longer-term healing.

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Our Programs

We offer a range of services, including trauma treatment (Trauma Incident Reduction), psychoeducational groups, parenting groups, trauma-informed care training, trauma incident reduction training, supervision for masters level clinicians, holistic services including massage and sound bowl meditation.

TRC complies with applicable Federal Civil Rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, race, age, disability, or sex. TRC does not exclude people or treat them different because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.


Family member of Homicide victim after 55 hours of service:

"When I started here in April of 2001, after the death of my husband, I was afraid and uncertain of the future. Now, almost a year later, I feel that there is hope and a different future. The sessions helped my self-confidence and to see my strength in my ability to move forward. These sessions helped me see that I can make a new and normal life for my son and I."



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